1. Real Life Stories (Produced By Dolo Cruise & Ab-straQ)
2. Flame (Produced By GameTheory Productions)
3. Fenin' Ft L.I.P (Produced By CHill)
4. Oh No (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
5. Tha Mafia (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
6. Tha Mafia [Remix] Ft Durdy, Tommy Gunnz, Uncle B-No & Sinister Binky (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
7. The Red Queen Ft Words (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
8. We'll Make It Ft The Mighty Rhino (Produced By K Da Great)
9. Time To Kill Ft Clarity (Produced By CHill)
10. We Evil Ft Daniel Son & Metikulus (Produced By Dolo Cruise & Metikulus)

1. Intro [Hosted By Metikulus] (Produced By Soundsmith The Programmer)
2. Na Wanna (Produced By CHill)
3. No Exaggeration (Produced By CHill)
4. #4 (Produced By Yuri Koller)
5. Wakey Wakey [Interlude]
6. Long Haul (Produced By CHill)
7. Promise You Nothing (Produced By CHill)
8. Eye To Eye Ft Phil Stomachs (Produced By CHill)
9. Body Rotten Ft Durdy (Produced By Anno Domini)
10. The Sickness Ft Acidic (Produced By Profound Beats)
11. Swervin' (Produced By CHill)
12. Writer's Block Ft V-Tega (Produced By VoKab)
13. Peace (Produced By K Da Great)
14. Love With Drugs (Produced By Yuri Koller)
15. Lonely (Produced By MikeBeatz)
16. Watch What The Fu#k You Sayin' (Produced By VoKab)
17. Still Sinnin' (Produced By CHill)
18. Focused (Produced By DAS The Beat Junkie)
19. We Got All That Ft Ty Knotts (Produced By CHill)
20. FeedTummies Commercial [Interlude]
21. Trials & Tribulations (Produced By VoKab)

1. Skyfall (Produced By Rozwell Beats)
2. Legendary Ft Mic Gutz (Produced By CHill)
3. In & Out Ft Words (Produced By CHill)
4. T.R.A.P (Produced By Rozwell Beats)
5. Montreal Strippers Ft Quinn C Martin [Interlude]
6. What's Up, What's Happenin (Produced By Rozwell Beats)
7. Pain & Terror (Produced By Metikulus)
8. Nobody Wins Ft Quinn C Martin [Interlude]
9. Gone Ft Daniel Son (Produced By Giallo Point)
10. If Heaven's Real Ft Phil Stomachs (Produced By Metikulus)
11. Amazin' (Produced By CHill)
12. Tega Speaks Ft V-Tega [Interlude]
13. Conquer Consistently (Produced By VoKab)
14. Hater's Eyes Glowin' (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
15. Real Life, No Gimmicks Ft Yuri Koller (Produced By Metikulus)
16. We Really Doin' This Ft Flix (Produced By Ab-straQ)
17. The Struggle Is Real Ft Coogi Carter (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
18. Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Produced By Dolo Cruise)
19 I'll Take The Stairs Ft Quinn C Martin [Interlude]
20. What The Fuck 4 Ft Sinister Binky (Produced By Syonyx)
21. The Weigh In Ft Quinn C Martin [Interlude]
22. Heavyweights (Produced By Yuri Koller)
23. Must Come Down (Produced By Mark Jordan)
24. Shhh [Moment Of Silence] (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
25. No More (Produced By Ab-straQ)

1. Tales & Times (Produced By CHill)
2. 4 Tha Money (Produced By CHill)
3. Built For This Ft Lotus (Produced By CHill)
4. O-Negative (Produced By Crate Divizion)
5. Greedy (Produced By A1Dubbs)
6. Apart Ft Shalina & Dynamic (Produced By Philthy Pro)
7. Scars On My Skin (Produced By Syonyx)
8. The Ghosts In My Head Ft Phil Stomachs (Produced By Rozwell Beats)
9. I Can't Breathe Ft Durdy & Acidic (Produced By InsaneBeatz)
10. SkyScrapers Ft Young Stitch & Metikulus (Produced By Yuri Koller)
11. The Growth (Produced By Metikulus)
12. Progression Ft V-Tega (Produced By InsaneBeatz)
13. The Show Must Go On Ft Jacqueline Guptill (Produced By Kamilson)
14. Toxic (Produced By InsaneBeatz)
15. Just Another Day Ft Sylvester Sharp (Produced By Dizzee)
16. Evil (Produced By Philthy Pro)
17. Cold As Ice Ft Mic Gutz (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
18. The Voices [Remix] Ft Yuri Koller (Produced By Yuri Koller)
19. One Shot (Produced By Dizzee)
20. It's So Cold (Produced By Sentury Status)
21. The Rant [Remix] Ft Sinister Binky & Daniel Son (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
22. What's Real (Produced By Syonyx)
23. A Blessing & A Burden (Produced By Ab-straQ)
24. Lightyears (Produced By Metikulus)
25. Take Off Ft Metikulus (Produced By Dizzee)
26. I Stay Grindin' Ft Phillie (Produced By InsaneBeatz)
27. Doin' Me (Produced By K Da Great)
28. Sometimes I Wonder (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
29. My Favourite (Produced By GameTheory Productions)
30. The Dirts (Produced By Gee Wunder)
31. The Depth Of Despair (Produced By VoKab)

32. Murderah (Produced By K Da Great)

1. The Prelim Ft Quinn C Martin (Produced By Mic Gutz)
2. Time Served (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
3. Certified G (Produced By Double Proffit)
4. Connected Ft Sinister Binky & Specs (Produced By CHill) 
5. Tonight Ft $ource & P.Smith (Produced By GameTheory Productions) 
6. Where's The Merchandise (Produced By CHill)
7. Politricks (Produced By Mic Gutz) 
8. Peace & Quiet Ft Phil Stomachs (Produced By Mark Jordan) 
9. Welcome To The Neighbourhood (Produced By Double Proffit) 
10. The Baddest (Produced By Mr. Dowman) 
11. 100 Bucs Ft Phillie & White (Produced By Leroy Beats)
12. The Fittest Ft Ghost (Produced By Mic Gutz) 
13. Daddy Don't Leave Ft Metikulus (Produced By B-Yaco) 
14. No Evidence Left Ft Tommy Gunnz, Durdy, Specs, & Rawty Raw (Produced By D.Smuk) 
15. Strong (Produced By Mark Jordan) 

01 - Good Evening (Produced By Ab-straQ)
02 - Sleep On It (Produced By CHill)
03 - Truce Of The Flame (Produced By CHill)
04 - Missed The Vain (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
05 - Fork In The Road (Produced By CHill)
06 - Hip Hop's Not Moving Me (Produced By RawHeatz)
07 - A Little Off (Produced By DAS The Beat Junkie)
08 - Gun In Your Song (Produced By Mark Jordan)
09 - Be , Me (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
10 - I'm Doin' Good (Produced By RawHeatz)
11 - Dream Within A Dream (Produced By Metikulus)
12 - Never Slow The Force (Produced By Syonyx)
13 - Know Your Role (Produced By RawHeatz)
14 - Goodnight (Produced By Ab-straQ & Metikulus)